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Смесители ТМ Zegor

Смесители ТМ Zegor

ZEGOR Ukraine TM
Mixers ZEGOR - a stylish European design and thoughtful technology solutions. The exceptional quality of workmanship. Models - of `` klasyky` to tehno` to make them the most convenient operation. Made ZEGOR mixing modern technologies with strong and resistant materials. The range of mixers ZEGOR covers all existing price niches from economy class to luxury. Mixers ZEGOR enjoy an excellent reputation due to its high quality. Mixers come in different types and set in the bathroom, the shower, on the kitchen sink or washbasin.

Mixers ZEGOR has excellent body construction with relief contours and high performance. Designed ZEGOR mixer so that work reliably for years without additional maintenance. Mixers ZEGOR easy to handle and very comfortable. Dynamic faucet handle is nice and easy to use, it has ergonomic size, providing comfort in use. Water temperature and power jet mixers regulated. High-quality and durable cartridge. An efficient and work paperback mixer evidence of its quality. Plumbing ZEGOR - is confidence and stability in the future!

All presented in our catalog models are classified according to their design and quality. Proposed our company taps perfectly adapted to our conditions and easily repaired. Another important parameter is the particular installation, which in turn depends on the size of the bath and its other specific characteristics.

Buying a kitchen faucet, bath or shower a certain collection should be chosen mounting accessories out of the same collection or consult a specialist for their compatibility. It should also be noted that they are different, first of all, its size, being more compact. Sales faucets wholesale Ukraine - one of the main activities of our company. We sell wholesale mixer that allows you to set competitive prices. Wholesale deliveries on all territory of Ukraine for producer prices.

Mixers ZEGOR - quality, technology, PROFESSIONALISM AND DESIGN. Prices from the manufacturer, without intermediaries and margins, CALL AND MAKE SURE!

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